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Our motto,”We reach out and care “, is personified in our community services and outreach programmes . it is a well-known fact that one person in the world goes blind every five second and a child goes blind every minute. The fortunate part is almost 80% of this blindness is avoidable.

The H.V.Desai Eye Hospital in partnership with Lions juhu started the Lion’s juhu community ophthalmology institute on 6th September 2008. It is a dedicated wing providing care and treatment to the needy and underpriviledged section of our society at nominal cost or free of charge. Equipped with the most modern technological advancements at the OPD as well as IPD level , and with commited strategy along with dedicated efforts to reach out and reduce the avoidable blindness , it has emerged as a high quality , high volume center in the western region of the nation.

The hospital has an intricate and meticulous system set up for detection of cataract and other ocular disease and provision of post operative care throughout various regions of the state. The transport , accommodation and meals are all provided at the hospital . we believe in the practice of community ophthalmology and work as per the principles of “ VISION 2020 – right to sight , india“ , an initiative to eliminate avoidable blindness . the aim is to contribute to the prevention of blindness through service delivery , teaching , training , and mentoring , project ,consultancy , advocacy and research in the eye care delivery

Mentoring and training:

Under the vision 2020 programme, H.V.Desai Eye Hospital has played a pivotal role in developing strategic plans for various hospitals . In addition , we are always ready to aid in problem solving orprovide help via telephone / email to our friend hospitals.

As part of training , the following project are ongoing / completed :

  • SCALE project: funded by the SEVA foundation , the project provide strategic planning of mentee hospitals, PBMA’s H.V.Desai Eye Hospital is one of the 6 mentor hospitals in india , with 8 mentee hospitals under it .
  • PHFI ROP project
  • PHFI Diabetic retinopathy project
  • National ROP project : another multicentric project which has already been completed


PBMA’s H.V.Desai Eye Hospital is involvedin the following ongoing projects

  • REACH (refractive error among children ) project- this is the first paperless proect in india , it is financed by ORBIS and is a multicentric project responsible for screening and management of 3.5 lakh school going children over a span of 3 years in satara district of maharastra .
  • Pediatric eye care project – involves screening and management of 1 lakh school going children in pune district of maharastra , it is funded by SEVA foundation .
  • Disability inclusive eye health project – ongoing project at nandurbar district of maharastra ,it focuseson screening and management of disabled people , maintaining linkage and network of NGO’s working for disabled people and training of all stick holders , it is funded by CBM.

Completed projects

  • childhood blindness project – this was the first pediatrics project by H.V.Desai Eye Hospital with financialaid from ORBIS , it focused on infrastructure development , HR development and service delivery .
  • save your sight project – this was a diabetic retinopathy project funded by ORBIS.
  • ROP project – funded by sightsavers , it was the first of its kind project in west india for ROP with the utilization of the revolutionary retcam.

Research and Quality monitoring :

As a routine procedure the hospital monitors it cataract surgical outcome , along with this , there is periodical generation of evidence for operational issue of the hospital and outreach activity with the use of HMIs.

We have also been supported by (names of organization /NGO’s )and many individual donors in our community endeavours.

The number of surgeries performed at the lion’s juhu community ophthalmology institute (jan-dec 2016) was---------

Those willing to support us in oue mission to eradicate blindness by sponsoring eye camps and / or cataract surgeries can contact us at +91-20-26970144 | 26970043</p


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